Anxiety Regulation

What are Arousal and Anxiety Arousal refers to the physical and mental stimulation a person experiences including: racing heart, shallow breathing, sweaty palms, tunnel vision, and possibly confusion (1). An athlete may experience arousal in response to either a positive Continue reading Anxiety Regulation


Mental imagery, alternatively referred to as visualization, mental rehearsal, and mental practice is viewed by coaches and researchers as one of the most important psychological skills (1). It is considered a multidimensional process that refers to “an experience that mimics Continue reading Imagery

Self Talk

Much like goal-setting, many athletes have used self-talk during sport whether they have received any training for this skill or not. It’s a skill that athletes can learn to implement with relative ease, therefore understanding what exactly it is, the Continue reading Self Talk


Biofeedback Biofeedback is a technique that helps participants learn to control their body’s responses (i.e., muscle tension, breathing patterns, heart rate)(1). With biofeedback, participants are connected to various electrical sensors (noninvasive) and these sensors monitor psycho-physiological responses to stress through Continue reading Biofeedback